Green Deals

Horizon Systems Ltd are Green Deal approved solar photovoltaic installers.

If you are a business or homeowner you can install Green Deal measures that are attached to the electricity meter and the property. Our business serves London, Essex and Kent.

What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is a UK government initiative designed to help meet the up-front cost of making homes more energy efficient.

The amount of finance that a Green Deal Provider can attach to a customer’s electricity bill will be limited by the Golden Rule principle, which essentially says that the repayments must never be more than the expected savings from the energy efficiency measure(s)

If you wish to partake in the Green Deal Scheme a Green Deal Assessment will have to be conducted on your property.

A Green Deal Assessor will visit your home and conduct a non-invasive visual survey of the physical elements of your property. Horizon Systems ltd works with many registered green deal assessors and we can point you in the right direction regarding this.

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How is this information used?

The information gathered forms a Green Deal Advice Report, which is bespoke to you and your building. This will include recommendations for improvements that are eligible for Green Deal funding, together with information about projected household savings and advice on ways the household could use energy more efficiently. We at Horizon are an authorised Green Deal Installer that meets the Green Deal Standard and carries the Green Deal Quality Mark for Solar Photovoltaic.

Once Green Deal measures have been installed, repayments will appear on the customer’s bills as a separate charge.

What about the Energy Company obligation (ECO)?

ECO has been introduced alongside the Green Deal Finance to give additional support to the domestic sector in cases where savings on the energy bill are not enough to pay the Green Del finance. Low income households, vulnerable households and hard to treat properties, such as solid wall properties, are what would typically qualify for this type of funding. Horizon Systems work alongside many green deal providers in this case.

Horizon Systems Green deal installers photovoltaic.

If you are a homeowner or business and are looking for a green deal installer to install your photovoltaic measures under the green deal we would be more than happy to assist through our free no obligation green deal quotation service. We are in partnership with many green deal providers and you are able to use who you wish to install your measures as long as the installation company is green deal approved.

If you are a green deal provider or assessor looking to network and work with us we would be more than happy to hear from you.

What does the future hold for the Green deal?

The Green deal is an opportunity for households and business to reduce their utility bills via installing energy saving measures that would use capital or be out of reach for many people. By attaching the finance to the electricity meter and not the household this enables no upfront costs and also enables consumers to protect themselves from rising energy prices in the future, An exciting scheme that will help us combat energy loss as well as protect us from unstable fossil fuel prices and future energy rises.

Your next step

Contact us via phone, email, or use our free home survey service to arrange a visit by one of our solar surveyors who will answer all your questions.

The visit will run through the current government incentives for installing solar PV as well as carry out a survey of your home to establish the energy rating of your property if required as well as establish the feasibility of installing on your property.