Harness the suns power with a solar pv installation!

Do you have a flat roof extension? Ever considered putting solar panels on it?  We provide advanced flat roof systems designed to sit on your existing roof covering. If you have a pitched roof and a flat roof we can use both to maximize yield. If you have a existing system we can look at adding […]

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Bungalow benefits from new tubular skylight / suntunnel

This bungalow hallway in Essex is full of natural light thanks to a Solarspot D-25 tubular skylight I must say even this families pet dog is impressed. This not only fills the interior space with natural light but reduces the need for electric lighting during the day.  If you have an interior space that could do […]

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Harness the suns power and save up to 70% on your heating bills!

Install an environmentally friendly solar hot water heating and reduce your bills. Solar heating systems provide hot water throughout the year by transforming direct and diffuse solar radiation into useable heat using solar collectors. It works from dawn to dusk throughout the year and provides up to 70% of your annual hot water. High performance heat, […]

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