Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water installations are set to rise in 2020 and beyond with the long awaited domestic renewable heat incentive (RHI).

The good news is that all MCS compliant installations installed since 15th July 2009 are eligible but must be registered under the MCS scheme. Horizon Systems specialise in Solar hot water installations throughout Essex, London and Kent.


The domestic RHI tariff will be paid on a quarterly basis for seven years and will be based on the estimated heat demand of the property in most cases. The tariff for Solar thermal will be at least 19.2p per kWh.

But domestic customers seeking to claim RHI will need to complete a green deal assessment before applying . DECC (Department of energy and climate change) state that applicants will be required to have met the minimum loft (250mm) and cavity wall insulation were appropriate.

New build properties will not be eligible for RHI payments with the exception of individual self build homes. Social landlords will be able to apply for RHI.

Watch this space for future developments and please register your interest in RHI and solar thermal via our Free home survey page here.

Your next step

Contact us via phone, email, or use our free home survey service to arrange a visit by one of our solar surveyors who will answer all your questions.

The visit will run through the current government incentives as well as carry out a survey of your home to establish the energy rating of your property if required as well as establish the feasibility of installing on your property.