Horizon Systems has installed a Solar Spot® D-38 for Mrs Montgomery in St Albans. The Solar Spot Tubular Skylight has transformed her dark hallway by flooding it with natural light. Mrs Montgomery did a lot of research online into the type of systems available and one of the major selling points of the Solarspot ® was that the roof dome is made from Acrylic rather than polycarbonate which mean that it will not yellow over time.  Mrs Montgomery was extremely happy with the work and said “it’s amazing the difference it makes, i’m so happy with it”

The Solarspot range of tubular skylights uses Vegalux Reflective material which is 99.7% reflective as well as Acrylic roof dome’s that are UV stable and will not yellow over time. If you have a similar problem and would like to bring beautiful natural light into the dark rooms in your home or business please contact us for a free home survey.