Horizon Systems have been chosen by Bright Kids Kindergarten to install three Sky tunnels in their Stratford nursery in London. The nursery suffered from artificial light syndrome that meant that electric lights were on all day every day with natural light only coming in from side windows.

On inspection our surveyor suggested 457mm Sky tunnels that utilise a hardwearing mirror finish polished aluminium tube with 98% reflectance alongside a hardwearing double skinned ceiling diffuser being suitable for larger areas where a high volume of light is required.

Being within budget was a main concern without compromising the quality of sunpipe. The Sky Tunnel ridgid ticked all the boxes in this respect.

Not only are they a great talking point with parents but also a fascination for all the children who can bask in heathy daylight everyday in the safety of the nursery. It is a well known fact that natural light within buildings combats SAD (seasonal affective disorder) For children who are growing all the time natual light can be great for their well being and development.

Now there is somethign to smile about!!